Danny Wimmer Presents Cornering the Rock and Metal Fest Market

In a world where music festivals have become the premiere concert experience over the past two decades, there are a few mainstays in the festival scene. Country, Pop, and EDM are the most prevalent. Stagecoach, Coachella, and Electric Forest are probably three of the most well known across the country. As of recent, those three genres are not the only ones getting love and attention. Within the past few years, not only in festivals but in genre popularity, rock and metal have grown substantially. Lollapalooza took a more rock focused approach this year, So What?! put on its’ biggest event to this day, and of course When We Were Young was incepted and celebrated its’ first two weekends. But let us all not forget about who really is doing rock and metal festivals the best.

Danny Wimmer Presents is a rock and metal titan, with six active festivals in the genre that occur every year, these guys know how to get it done and get RFID tags on wrists. They always bring a steady stream of classic and well known artists as well as the younger less exposed bands who are on their grind to get their names known. It seems like every month or so, us fans see an announcement from DWP related to a festival, whether it be confirmed dates for next year or when the lineup is coming out. Comparatively speaking, DWP festivals will not generally break the bank either. They understand what our weekends will look like there, buying food and beverages, merchandise, lodging, and parking at the festival unless you’re camping.

The cause for this article being written is really due to the return of Sonic Temple. Taking place at the Historic Crew Stadium in Columbus Ohio, Sonic Temple will be taking place in Spring of 2023. Many fans have been waiting for its’ return, due to the success of its’ of the first year in 2019 and previous years under the moniker Rock on the Range. Along side their recent acquisition and success with Inkcarceration, DWP is truly showing their loyalty to Ohio and the attendees that will travel in and out of state for their fests. With their other events taking place in Kentucky, Florida, and California, lots of attendees will go to multiple festivals throughout the year. If you go to one or two of these festivals you may get lucky and see Santa Claus, the mosh pit crew (complete with banner) or a kid with a mohawk that the 80’s punk scene would be proud of crowdsurfing on his dad.

You are certain to have a good time at any event you choose. Dozens of great bands to see over three or four days, good times, good people, and great stories to share after it is all said and done. There is nothing quite like walking the festival grounds right when you get inside on the first day, seeing your favorite bands all in one weekend, getting hyped up when Jose Mangin introduces bands to the stage, and maybe just maybe you will have a dope rap rock band playing in the parking lot afterwards.

DWP is a busy crew, they do their very best to give us fans enjoyable weekends, so if you get the chance to see Danny Wimmer, Danny Hayes, Ashley, or any staff member walking around, give them a quick thanks for what they do, we would not have these things without them.

What is going to come next from them? Will we see the return of Epicenter? Keep your eyes peeled folks. Check out their website for events and details!



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