Sleep Token- Take Me Back To Eden Album Review

Along with the likes of Spiritbox, Turnstile, and Knocked Loose, Sleep Token seems to be next in line for the heavy music group popularity rocket. Everyone is trying to be creative and unique these days, you have to, in order to stay relevant. It is no easy task, especially musically; but you do have aContinue reading “Sleep Token- Take Me Back To Eden Album Review”

Riot Fest 2023 Lineup Announcement!

Taking place yet again in Douglass Park in Chicago this year is the 2nd most popular Chicago festival, Riot Fest. Had the pleasure of attending last year and was overwhelmed with how enjoyable it was. Here we are a year later, brand new lineup, just as exciting as last years. The squad at Riot FestContinue reading “Riot Fest 2023 Lineup Announcement!”

Sound and Fury 2023: Lineup Analysis and Expectations

The Los Angeles hardcore expo has revealed the lineup for this years weekend event taking place on July 29th and 30th in Exposition Park. Attendees of last year have been very eagerly awaiting the lineup to come out and the day is finally here. During this waiting period, we were not given very many hintsContinue reading “Sound and Fury 2023: Lineup Analysis and Expectations”

Tied Down Fest 2023: The Detroit Hardcore Scene Continues Their Climb

What started last year as a smaller scale fest at the Russell Industrial Center deep in the heart of Detroit Michigan is back. Tied Down Fest this year is back and is bringing everything to throw at you. As the genre istelf is expanding its’ popularity in ways that we have not seen in quiteContinue reading “Tied Down Fest 2023: The Detroit Hardcore Scene Continues Their Climb”

Album Review: Darkroom, the Self-Titled LP by Darkroom.

Columbus Ohio is nothing new in the heavy music scene, especially when it comes to metalcore. In the past two years or so, metalcore and hardcore have become somewhat of a staple in the Columbus area. House shows, tiny venues, and even the occasional laundromat are all places you can go hear some beatdown styleContinue reading “Album Review: Darkroom, the Self-Titled LP by Darkroom.”

Danny Wimmer Presents Cornering the Rock and Metal Fest Market

In a world where music festivals have become the premiere concert experience over the past two decades, there are a few mainstays in the festival scene. Country, Pop, and EDM are the most prevalent. Stagecoach, Coachella, and Electric Forest are probably three of the most well known across the country. As of recent, those threeContinue reading “Danny Wimmer Presents Cornering the Rock and Metal Fest Market”

Riot Fest 2022: Weekend Recap

I had the pleasure of attending Riot Fest this year in Chicago, Illinois. After right around three years of postponing, cancelling, and ticket transfers, I was finally able to go. I have a few weekend long festivals under my belt, but no Riot Fest experience prior to this year. In doing all my prior researchContinue reading “Riot Fest 2022: Weekend Recap”

Album Review: No Pressure by No Pressure

The surprise release of the No Pressure EP in 2020 brought a lot of excitement to the world of pop punk, hardcore, and punk. Parker Cannon of The Story So Far, Pat Kennedy of Light Years, and Harry Corrigan of Regulate created this group as a way to take him back to his early daysContinue reading “Album Review: No Pressure by No Pressure”

The Triumphant Return of Hardcore

After 15 years plus of the hardcore scene across the globe being essentially dead, the genre that took the world by storm through the 80’s and 90’s is finally returning to the status it once held. Why is this happening? Who is causing it? and where is it going? are all questions that are goingContinue reading “The Triumphant Return of Hardcore”