Album Review: Darkroom, the Self-Titled LP by Darkroom.

Columbus Ohio is nothing new in the heavy music scene, especially when it comes to metalcore. In the past two years or so, metalcore and hardcore have become somewhat of a staple in the Columbus area. House shows, tiny venues, and even the occasional laundromat are all places you can go hear some beatdown style heavy music. Bands like Life Of Crime, Salt, and Crime Light are three bands that are doing their share of holding down hardcore in the Ohio scene. But today, we are talking about the metalcore and hardcore cross over outfit from Columbus, Darkroom.

Today is the release of Darkroom’s debut full length of the same name. It has been a long time coming for these guys, and the day is here. Having started working on this record since 2020, all of the DIY ethics and hardwork these guys put in is finally out for the world to hear. Let me start off with saying that you do need to listen to this record. This record is just shy of 30 minutes and ten beatiful tracks that beat you down, one after another. Each aspect of this record is something special, the beatdown style of hardcore and metalcore is nothing easy to do well. These guys cracked the code.

The riffs will stick in your ears like someone jammed an ice pick into, in the best way possible. Bass lines with distortion that will rattle your chest until your almost uncomfortable. Drums that are the driving force of the songs, the cymbals are mixed perfectly, the snare drum has the tone that you can feel in your teeth, and the fills fit perfectly. To cap it all off, the vocals on this record are nasty, just filthy and pissed off. The pitches and tones that are achieved in the vocals is something special.

Each track on this record brings something new and intriguing, two-step parts, hardcore breakdowns, violent hooks to remember, and they end the album on a metalcore style ballad. Keep an eye on these guys, if you see them playing a show in your area, be there. Darkroom has something to say and they do not care if you do not want to hear it. The entire album deserves to be listened to, but the three must listen songs are, Darkroom, Dirt, and Lifeless. The only negatives I truly have with this record is that it was not longer, if you are a fan of this style, you will surely agree.

Rating: 4/5

FFO: Varials, Knocked Loose, Kublai Khan TX, and Orthodox.

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