Top 10 Pop Punk Artists You Need To Be Listening To Right Now!

Pop punk is seeing somewhat of a revival in the past year that seems to keep inclining in popularity on the charts. As fans of the genre, we can only hope to see the genre back to the popularity that it once had in the early 2000’s, and the popularity of its’ first real revival back around 2012-2015. The sounds have changed quite a lot since then which is not a bad thing, music needs to develop and evolve to stay relevant and have a chance at getting popular again. This list is made in no particular order and contains artists on the come up that are making music within and around the genre of pop punk.

10. Bearings

Bearings has been on the come up for awhile now with all their albums coming with very positive reviews. This Canadian group puts on a great live performance and really enjoys speaking to and hanging out with their fans. They just released a new album called, Hello, It’s You and really used that album to develop their sound, these guys have potential to be one of the bigger pop punk bands in a few years.

9. Hot Milk

Hot Milk is a band that has not really released a ton of music yet, but of the music they have released, there are some really good songs in there. They have appeared on stages at Reading & Leeds, have shared stages with bands like The Band Camino, Enter Shikari, and even opened for Foo Fighters. Their music has a nice pop vibe with strong elements of pop punk infused through the vocals of Han Mee and Jim Shaw. They are preparing to release their second EP so, keep your ears open for it.

8. Magnolia Park

One of the hottest new bands in pop punk is Magnolia Park from Florida, these guys have taken to the new era of pop punk very nicely. They have quite a few really good songs out there, we can imagine that the only way for them is up. They are going to be a must see band when they start playing shows and can be expected to be on a lot of tours. A highlight for them so far is having released a song with Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens.


One of a few influencers that have made their way into music (especially pop punk) in the past year or so, JXDN spends a lot of studio time with a drummer called Travis Barker. His songs are fun, have some dark lyrical content, and feature 808’s along with all the normal instruments you will hear in a pop punk anthem. His cover of driver’s license is an excellent cover and I’d say better than the original. I can imagine once he starts playing shows they will be packed out and with artists like iann dior and MOD SUN among others.

6. Belmont

In popular fashion, Chicago puts out another fantastic pop punk band. These guys sit on the heavier side of pop punk, including huge breakdowns in their compositions. They are a super tight live band, the crowd goes nuts during their sets. Their high energy, riff-filled, and catchy songs are a joy for all. They released their EP called, Reflections in 2020 which is pointing them in a very positive direction musically. Another must see band for fans of the heavier style of new pop punk.

5. KennyHoopla

Meet KennyHoopla, the US genre-bender making manic punk-rap with Travis  Barker | Pilerats

Gaining large amounts of popularity and recognition for genre-bending is Cleveland Ohio’s own, KennyHoopla. Taking the road less traveled to success in alternative music, Kenny got initial attention and was on heavy watch because of the first songs he was releasing which came to us from Soundcloud. Now, he has released two EP’s and is set to be releasing a mixtape with 2020 and 2021’s most popular feature, Travis Barker of Blink-182. His mixtape is set to release in June and then he will be going on tour in the UK to support YUNGBLUD then he is set to be supporting JXDN and Machine Gun Kelly in fall of 2021.

4. Meet Me @ The Altar

Meet Me @ The Altar share “Garden,” become your new favorite pop-punk band  | The FADER

Meet Me @ The Altar is a band getting a ton of attention as of recent, last year they became the very first all WOC band to sign to legendary label, Fueled By Ramen who are home to huge acts like, Paramore, Panic! At The Disco, and All Time Low. The three met online through their shared love of Paramore and Twenty One Pilots, deciding to start their band they had no idea the journey they would be taken on in just a couple years. MMATA is going to do huge things for the genre and disprove those that do not believe they will.

3. Yours Truly

Yours Truly land in the UK: "This is our first ever international set" |  Upset

Hailing from Australia, Yours Truly formed in 2016 and is currently is signed to the growingly popular label UNFD. They have released two EP’s and released their debut full length in late 2020. The band is just now making their name onto bills for more tours and festivals, they were initially on the bill for Sad Summer Festival, but due to conflicting schedules they will be appearing at Slam Dunk Festival instead. Their debut album came with very positive reviews and we can expect to hear their name appearing more and more.

2. Action/Adventure

Action/Adventure - Pure Noise Records

Signed to Pure Noise Records, Action/Adventure hails from Chicago and breaking down barriers and stereotypes of the genre. Their goal is to make sure this genre includes all peoples both on and off stage. The artists in the band share a lot of the same listening habits, bands like Senses Fail, Four Year Strong, and The Story So Far are a few favorites. They have released four EP’s so far with the latest coming to platforms in April of this year. The band has a really solid sound and should be kept on watch by listeners for big things to come.

1.Last Night Saved My Life

Last Night Saved My Life

Last Night Saved My Life is a band from Michigan and has been formed since 2010, but was not getting much traction until the past couple years. They claim to make songs that make it feel like 2004 while it being 2021. They took a classic look at pop punk and made it their own. With multiple EP’s under their belts these guys have really good material and sound good live. Another band that should be on everyone’s watch list.


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