Welcome To Rockville Lineup Analysis

The latest major festival in the DWP catalog to be announced is Welcome To Rockville, taking place at Daytona Beach, this Florida fest is going to be quite a spectacle. With a long weekend for festival attendees, the overall lineup is quite diverse and is stacked heavily with very impressive and exciting acts that are both new on the scene and have been around the block a few times. The weekend is guaranteed to leave those going wishing that it was more than just a four day event.

Official Lineup

Thursday: To some, Thursday could be the strongest day and to others it could be the weakest day. To highlight some of the names throughout the day, we are presented with some acts on the more unique side of the spectrum such as Brass Against, Jeris Johnson, and grandson. Jeris Johnson and grandson both gaining a lot of popularity in recent months due to their associations and different takes on rock as a genre. Brass Against, this band is just fun to listen to, filled with all brass instruments you could want playing covers of the most notorious rock and metal songs of all time. Spiritbox and Architects are two bands that will be bringing the heaviness to the sound system, encouraging everyone to mosh and hurt each other in the safest way possible. Stone Temple Pilots will bring a more mellow rock sound to give everyone a break before Deftones and Nine Inch Nails finish the night leaving everyone ready for more on Friday.

Friday: The first two names that immediately catch our eyes are, Tallah and Zero 9:36. Two totally unique and different sounding artists, Tallah being a nu-metal infused metalcore band that is bound to have all listeners banging their heads and Zero 9:36 is a rapper that bends the genres of both rap and rock to make something truly fresh and interesting to the ears. Then after those two, Crown The Empire and Ice Nine Kills. These two will be bringing a more metalcore/active rock sound to Rockville which will keep the energy going. The row just before the top on the lineup is stacked to the high heavens, Wage War, Beartooth, Pennywise, and Chevelle. A perfect mix of metalcore, active rock, punk, and alt-rock/metal. Then, some more punk from Social Distortion, old school heavy metal from Rob Zombie, and of course headlined by Metallica. I believe Friday is the strongest day overall from beginning to end.

Saturday: The stronger part of this days’ lineup is in the latter half, but there are still some gems here to check out early on. Bad Omens and Atreyu are names we hear on the radio often, so a lot of people should be familiar with their songs, both bands will have a fairly rowdy set to keep the energy high. Much like Friday, the row before the top on the lineup is jam packed with impressive and exciting acts, Fever 333 brings an energy and performance that you will not see from anyone else. Badflower is another name we hear on the radio, these guys put on good shows with great musicianship, GWAR is GWAR and if you do not know anything about them, look up some photos and that should tell you enough. Asking Alexandria is metalcore turned radio rock that brings catchy hooks and riffs to appease masses. Lamb Of God is going to be dropping the metal bomb on attendees, Stained is going to bring early 2000’s rock anthems to the festival, The Offspring are bringing more anthems under the alternative and pop punk genres, and Disturbed will be a decent choice to close the evening.

Sunday: Another very strong lineup, the name that first caught our eye was Higher Power, this band is not getting enough attention in the United States, they have a cool almost old school sound of hardcore that they have mastered, we are all hoping they get more attention after Rockville. Alien Weaponry is bringing some groovy thrash metal from New Zealand that will be sure to turn heads, Of Mice & Men are playing intense metalcore, Dance Gavin Dance is the most prominent post-hardcore band in music right now, and Code Orange is a groundbreaking metal/hardcore band that has garnered a lot of attention. Falling In Reverse does not do many festivals, so they are one band that is a must see, Ronnie Radke is solidifying himself as rock royalty one song at a time. Mudvayne will be playing one of their first shows for their reunion, Lynard Skynard, this one kinda came out of left field for us but we think will be enjoyable for all. Metallica, playing their second set (completely different setlist from Friday) of the weekend and will no doubt leave attendees happy and smiling as they go on their way.

This festival along with Louder Than Life have become must attend festivals for a lot of people every single year. The lineup we have here has a lot of similar artists as LTL but not enough to drive people away. Definitely would recommend this to rockers and metalheads in the surrounding Florida areas. VIP and General Admission passes, along with camping passes are on sale now.

More information on the festival can be found here:




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