Sunday Spotlight: Knuckle Puck

Our spotlight band this week is, the Chicago based pop-punk outfit, Knuckle Puck. The group formed in 2010 after their beginnings of covering different pop-punk tracks. The group currently consists of, lead vocalist Joe Taylor, lead guitarist Kevin Maida, drummer John Siorek, rhythm guitarist Nick Casasanto, and bassist Ryan Rumchaks. Since their conception, Knuckle Puck has released six EP’s (including a split with Neck Deep) as well as three full-length albums starting with Copacetic (2015), Shapeshifter (2017), and their latest LP release is 20/20 which was released last year. Knuckle Puck has become a mainstay of the unique early 2010’s.

From left to right: Kevin Maida, John Siorek, Joe Taylor, Ryan Rumchaks, and Nick Casasanto.

The Chicago boys have not wasted much of their careers with relaxing at home, they are on the road often, and for long periods of time. They have toured with many different artists that made for some amazing shows such as tours with, Movements, With Confidence, Citizen, Real Friends, State Champs, The Menzingers, Mayday Parade, Modern Baseball, Neck Deep, Sleeping With Sirens, and Good Charlotte. They have also played on stages at festivals like Warped Tour, Slam Dunk, So What?, Snowed In, Unify The Gathering, Four Chord, Never Say Never, Self-Help, and Riot Fest. These guys have done it all on the touring spectrum already in just over a decade of being a band. One of the tightest bands at a festival and will draw hundreds and hundreds to their club shows.

Knuckle Puck is already one of my favorite pop-punk bands not only for their perfect name but their music hits, and it hits deep, songs like No Good, Disdain, and Double Helix are three songs that I would show to anyone interested in Knuckle Puck, these tracks perfectly encapsulate the band as a whole and who they are. I know when touring starts happening again consistently, KP is going to be hitting the road hard to promote the album they released last year as well as just get around to bring smiles to all their fans.

Music Videos:


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