Sunday Spotlight: Beartooth

This Sunday our spotlight is on Columbus rock/metal group Beartooth. Vocalist Caleb Shomo began writing songs for Beartooth while he was fronting his previous band, Attack Attack! and after his departure from the band in 2012, he decided to record the music he had written and in June of 2013, they signed with Red Bull Records and released their debut EP, Sick less than a month later. They have now released three full length records and have a fourth on the way set to release sometime in the upcoming months. The bands lineup currently consists of vocalist, Caleb Shomo, drummer Connor Denis, bassist and backup vocalist Oshie Bichar, rhythm guitarist Will Deely, and lead guitarist Zach Huston. There has been a few lineup changes over the years as most bands do but, this current lineup seems very fluid and it meshes well together, these guys are tight and rock harder than the rest every single time they take the stage.

From left to right: Will Deely, Connor Denis, Caleb Shomo, Oshie Bichar, and Zach Huston

Having risen at an accelerated pace to be one of the biggest names in modern rock and metal today, Beartooth has shared stages on tour with some very big names as support and headlining. Some of these bands include, Of Mice & Men, Knocked Loose, Motionless In White, Architects, Slipknot, A Day To Remember, Bring Me The Horizon, I Prevail, Pierce The Veil, and Underøath. Along with all these killer artists, they have been on festival stages such as, Warped Tour, Sonic Temple/Rock on the Range, Aftershock, Louder Than Life, iMatter, Download, Las Rageous, Reading/Leeds, Epicenter, and Slam Dunk. The setlists these guys put together for both club shows and festivals slots is no doubt going to get people sweating. The heavy breakdown style of metalcore mixed with hardcore punk that you can hear on debut LP, Disgusting will give anyone the desire to jump in the pit, while on the opposite end of the spectrum they have less fast and heavy songs that hit just as hard on their albums, Aggressive and Disease.

Beartooth is one of the bands keeping rock alive today. Caleb Shomo’s impactful and real lyrical writing style give this band an edge over many other bands today. Their new album while may be concerning to some is exciting for others like myself. Their is always something new these guy are working on, they hit the road a lot and they hit it hard, wanting to play a ton of shows all the time. They care deeply about their fans and are some of the nicest guys I have met in the scene. It seems like they have no signs of stopping anytime soon and us fans can only hope that is the case.

Music Videos:

Check out their latest single, Devestation right here:


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