Sunday Spotlight: Stand Atlantic

This Sunday we are spotlighting an Australian band that is rising rapidly in popularity. This is none other than the pop-punk/alt-rock band, Stand Atlantic. The group formed in Sydney Australia in 2012 and currently consists of vocalist/guitarist Bonnie Fraser, guitarist David Potter, bassist Miki Rich, and drummer Jonno Panichi. In 2017, they signed with Rude Records and released their ever-popular single, Coffee At Midnight. After rave reviews, they released the Sidewinder EP in September of the same year. Flash forward a year later they signed with Hopeless Records and released their debut full length, Skinny Dipping. That album put them on the map and brought them much recognition and as of August, 2020 they have released their second full length album, Pink Elephant on Hopeless Records as well.

From left to right: Jonno Panichi, David Potter, Bonnie Fraser, and Miki Rich

Coming up on ten years as a band, Stand Atlantic has been able to hit the road quite a lot and have played with some amazing acts as support as well as headlining shows. Some of the bands include, The Maine, Waterparks, One Ok Rock, New Found Glory, State Champs, Trophy Eyes, With Confidence, The Faim, and Neck Deep. They have hit festival stages all over the world such as, Inverted Festival, Sad Summer Fest, Galaxy Camp, Unify The Gathering, Slam Dunk Fest, and are on the bill for Download festival. I have seen this band in both a club setting and festival setting, they absolutely crushed it both times they performed. Their songs translate so well and get the crowd moving with Bonnie Fraser’s nonstop energy.

Stand Atlantic has really made a name for themselves with their last album release and have no plans of stopping what they are doing. They have an insanely unique sound that is not comparable to anyone else at the moment. They need to get back on the road as soon as they possibly can to promote these new songs as much as they can. We will be seeing and hearing more from them hopefully soon. These are future headliners in big rooms all over the world. Their performances and love for their fans sets them apart from so many other bands out there.

Music Videos:


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