Sunday Spotlight: Knocked Loose

This Sunday we are presenting to you a hardcore band that is on the rise in the United States and across the globe. We are talking about Knocked Loose, of course. Formed in Oldham County, Kentucky in the year, 2013; The bands lineup currently consists of, Bryan Garris on lead vocals, Cole Crutchfield on rhythm guitar and backup vocals, Isaac Hale on lead guitar and back vocals, Kevin Otten on bass, and Kevin Kaine on drums. These heavweights in hardcore have made a serious name for themselves since their signing with California powerhouse label, Pure Noise Records in 2016. They released their debut album, Laugh Tracks that same year which came along with very good reviews. They released their most recent full-length album, A Different Shade of Blue in 2019 under Pure Noise again which much like the last album, came with rave reviews but on a much more extreme level.

From left to right: Kevin Otten, Cole Crutchfield, Bryan Garris, Kevin Kaine, and Isaac Hale

These guys have toured an insane amount, they are rarely taking days off and when they do take days off, they are booking shows. They have shared stages with some legendary names in both the hardcore and metal scene over the years by playing shows with bands like, Parkway Drive, Thy Art Is Murder, August Burns Red, Beartooth, Motionless In White, A Day To Remember, Every Time I Die, and Counterparts to name a few metal bands. They have played shows in the hardcore scene with bands like Terror, Madball, Stick To Your Guns, Jesus Piece, and Year Of The Knife, Harms Way, and Sanction. They have been on some big name festival bills such as, Download, Snowed In, 2000 Trees, Slam Dunk, Aftershock, Sonic Temple, Self Help Fest, Rock Allegiance, and Louder Than Life.

I had the pleasure of seeing Knocked Loose in 2018 on the Disease Tour with Beartooth and Sylar. These guys truly know how to get a crowd going, Bryan’s higher register vocals give their style of hardcore something unique. Then Isaac has these booming lows that he brings in to punch their sound. The riffs are definitely hardcore but you hear influences from metal and death metal. Their breakdowns go insanely hard and the classic, “ARF ARF” we hear on their song, Counting Worms is always a smash hit. These guys are trying their hardest to bring hardcore back into the public eye and show everyone that what they’re doing is rad. I have so many high hopes and expectations for this groups next album, experimentation as well as their classic Oldham County Hardcore sound.

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