Sleep Token- Take Me Back To Eden Album Review

Along with the likes of Spiritbox, Turnstile, and Knocked Loose, Sleep Token seems to be next in line for the heavy music group popularity rocket. Everyone is trying to be creative and unique these days, you have to, in order to stay relevant. It is no easy task, especially musically; but you do have a few names out there that are changing the heavy music scene with what seems like every new release. Sleep Token is the very best example of that, not just with their music, but their lore and appearance plays a huge role in that for them. Listening through Take Me Back To Eden will clarify any questions about how they are changing the scene.

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After many months of singles and social media losing their minds over their most well-known track “The Summoning”, their new LP is out and it does not disappoint in the slightest. It is just a tad over an hour long of a roller coaster ride, which with the style of music they are playing, may be a bit much. What makes this record truly special is the sheer volume and variety of songs. You have twelve songs that honestly leave you on the edge of your seat, trying to figure out if you’re going to hear a heavy breakdown, screaming part, beautiful falsetto vocals, or a jazzy piano solo.

Though the biggest attention getter for Sleep Token is vocalist, Vessel, the instruments and arrangements in each song are the driving force. It would not surprise us in the slightest if the members of the band all turned out to be Berklee graduates. We can only imagine how long it took for the writing, recording, producing, and mastering to finish. Each song is carefully put together and shares a common theme while simultaneously being completely different from one another.

Album Cover: Upset Magazine

Some seriously notable tracks on this record are the opener “Chokehold” that essentially leaves you begging for more after punching you straight in the gut with a song you were not prepared to hear. Of course, “The Summoning” was the near seven minute long metal, jazz-fusion ballad. Piano driven track, “Aqua Regia” is a musical aphrodisiac honestly, we cannot tell if it is the tone in Vessel’s vocals, the piano playing, or the lyrical content, but whatever it is works.

As we continued to listen through, “Ascenionism” starts off like a very popular radio sounding RnB song, then they drop you into this crazy heavy mosh part that leaves your jaw dropped and tears of laughter flowing down your face. Midway through the album, we get a nice change of pace with, “Are You Really Okay?” an acoustic guitar riff driven gentle ballad. The last two songs we wanted to highlight are “Rain” and the album closer, “Euclid”. The genre most relatable for Sleep Token has to be metalcore, so “Rain” gives us a look at what they can do with that idea in their minds and let us say, it does not disappoint at all. The album ending track, “Euclid” is the only way in my mind for the anonymous and Vessel. Subtle, gentle, and enchanting vocals riddled with emotion being led by lovely piano playing all bringing the song to a head when they drop into a signature heavy riff sound to send off the listeners.

Rating 9.2/10

See them on tour dates upcoming and check out there merchandise at the link below:


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