Sound and Fury 2023: Lineup Analysis and Expectations

The Los Angeles hardcore expo has revealed the lineup for this years weekend event taking place on July 29th and 30th in Exposition Park. Attendees of last year have been very eagerly awaiting the lineup to come out and the day is finally here. During this waiting period, we were not given very many hints as to who would be playing. Whoever is running their social media pages so graciously gave a hint that the first letter of one of the bands playing started with “g”. The lineup came out slightly earlier in the day than we anticipated but managed to snag our hands on a couple of passes for the weekend. Check out what bands we will be seeing that weekend in July, along with a few unannounced bands to come later.

Upon first glance, we obviously looked at the band they hinted at that started with “g”. We knew it wouldn’t be Gulch who played their farewell set at the fest last year. It had to be God’s Hate or Gel, luckily for us it was both. There are so many other bands we cannot wait to see, Big Boy, Cold World, Dying Wish, High Vis, Minority Unit, Pain of Truth, Sanguisugabogg, Speed, Spy, Trapped Under Ice, Twitching Tongues, and Volcano are the names we are most excited to see. At the same time, we are going to do everything in our power to catch each band playing.

As first time attendees, we are not only excited for the bands, but the atmosphere, people, hopefully high supply of Liquid Death, and the copious amounts of merch that we will be purchasing over the span of 48 hours. Rumors of different stage set ups and astro turf being laid down so not as much dirt is getting kicked up like last year is music to the ears of returning attendees. We have a couple returning bands from last year in God’s Hate and Speed that set the festival on fire last year to no doubt do the same this year. As for those unannounced bands, could be returners from last year, could be surprise sets, or anything really could happen at this event. You are not going to want to miss this, as of this release over 30% of weekend passes are already gone.

Hardcore is in a beautiful place right now, festivals like this are what is keeping the wheels rolling and bringing in new fans which is exactly what we should all want for the genre. Do you want your favorite band to stick around for more than five years? Make sure they have enough support to do so. If you get the chance to make it this year, tell your favorite bands playing thanks, buy a shirt or something, or just show your support if that is all you can do. Without fans like us, none of this would work.

Link for tickets and info:

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