Tied Down Fest 2023: The Detroit Hardcore Scene Continues Their Climb

What started last year as a smaller scale fest at the Russell Industrial Center deep in the heart of Detroit Michigan is back. Tied Down Fest this year is back and is bringing everything to throw at you. As the genre istelf is expanding its’ popularity in ways that we have not seen in quite a long time, we have more and more places stepping up to become the leaders in the scene. Mostly states like California, New York, Pennysylvania, Florida, but low and behold, the city of Detroit who already has a rich history in hardcore is making a name for itself once again. To further the cause, taking place on June 3rd & 4th is…

This year features two days of the fest, still at the Russell, a new sponsor in Pabst Blue Ribbon, and of course familiar names in Edgemen Printing and The Crofoot. Though last year, we had a classic headliner in Trash Talk, we have some seriously generational and iconic names headlining this year. Straight-edge champions, Gorilla Biscuits are headlining the first night, and the recently returned Trapped Under Ice are finishing the fest the next night. Every band on the lineup is note-worthy and deserves to be watched during that weekend, we are going to highlight a few here. Representing Detroit and the state of Michigan we have, Moral Pollution, Doubt It!, Bitter Truth, Ante Up, D Bloc, and none other than Never Ending Game. The other acts we would love to shout out are, Spy, Shakewell, Magnitude, King Nine, Deadbody, Incendiary, Drug Church, and Xibalba. Like previously mentioned, every band on this bill deserves to be watched, there is not one artist here that we do not love!

Along with these two days, wouldn’t you guess it, there is a pre-show and after show, with the pre-show taking place at Edgemen Printing and the after show being held at the Tangent Gallery.

Here, we’ve got two insane and I mean insane bills. The pre-show at Edgemen is stacked top to bottom with heat, Enemy of God is holding it down for Detroit, xweaponx is going to get a huge pop from the crowd, Gates To Hell has proven to be one of the most exciting bands in death metal today, Kharma has quickly been making a name for themselves both inside and outside of Chicago, Year Of The Knife is in a new stage in their careers that we should all be excited to be around for, and closing the night is the incomparable Louisville straight-edge vets, Inclination.

The after show taking place at the Tangent is going to crush and will be the best cap off for the first night of Tied Down for those that attend. I do not know a ton about Apex Predator and Buried Dreams, but I have only ever heard good things. As for the three others, I am all too familiar. World of Pleasure is the Canadian, vegan, straight-edge band that put on a staggering performance at LDB in Louisville this year. We can only expect great things from them. Big Boy is bringing the San Jose style that we have all come to love so dearly. They just do it different up there in the Bay, Detroit will be gassed to see these guys. Lastly, you read it right, Long Islands own, Pain of Truth is pulling double duty on Saturday the 3rd. The guys are going to crush an afternoon or evening set at Russell and then tear it up at the very end of the night at Tangent.

Tied Down is already sold out basically entirely, there maybe single day passes available still (if so, act fast), the pre-show is completely sold out, but there still ought to be tickets available for the after show. We can expect to hear nothing but great things from this event.

All information can be found at:


Photo Credits: The Crofoot, Tied Down Fest, and Edgemen Printing.

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