Tour Talks: The Hella Mega Tour

Introducing something new this week; as much as we love sitting and listening to music, writing, and talking about it, we love going to concerts just as much, maybe even more. These ‘Tour Talks’ are essentially going to be discussing the overall lineup for the tour, setlist lengths, venues, and if we attend the shows, our opinions and experiences at the shows, and any other information we deem important to mention. With this first edition we are going to be discussing The Hella Mega Tour which features, The Interrupters, Weezer, Fall Out Boy, and being headlined by Green Day.

Tour Poster

Originally set to take place in 2020, but obviously postponed back a year. The whole basis of this tour was for the bands to prove that rock and roll is still alive within young people. With a lineup this huge, the shows would have no chance at being anything besides stadiums, upwards of 25,000 attendees at each show can be expected. The venues are ranging from open fields, baseball stadiums, and soccer stadiums. Tickets are available for GA standing, GA Seated, and pit tickets for the die hard fans. The stage is set up differently for each band that shows off the unique qualities each brand brings to the table. It really makes it seem like you are going to three different headliner shows.

The Interrupters play a cool 30 minute set of rock infused ska jams that you are only going to get from the West Coast. Their set contained high energy and catchy songs, though none of the other bands on the bill were playing ska music, I feel that the choice to bring this band on tour was perfect. Even if you had never heard their music before, their sound is going to draw you in and you will listen.

To really amp up the excitement, Weezer plays an hour long set of just under 20 songs. A ton of new material which to some people is cool and others not so much, but with as many songs as they played there was plenty of room to play all of their big hits. A stage covered with pastels, cool outfits, and Rivers Cuomo sporting the coolest mustache and sweatband around the head. The set ends with their iconic song, “Buddy Holly” where at the tail end they shoot load of confetti to the roaring crowd.

Fall Out Boy continued after a brief intermission to change the stage setup, another hour set but this time with an almost totally different vibe. A set full of hits, dancing, and the crowd singing almost louder than Patrick Stump. The performance itself was fantastic, tightness on all instruments, beautiful vocals that sound exactly like recording, oh and fire. A lot of fire, shooting from the stage and even the bass of Pete Wentz. The Chicago natives spread out their setlist evenly with a perfect mix of new and old songs. Finishing their set with the signature track of theirs entitled, “Saturday”. They played the perfect set to get everyone ready for Green Day.

Clocking in at just under two hours, the headliners and punk rock legends Green Day. Kicking off with ‘American Idiot’ the crowd is instantly pulled in and forced to jump around whether they like it or not. Billie Joe Armstrong made sure that the crowd got involved, he screamed at us, made us sing, dance, cry, and laugh for two hours. Not much new material was played by the guys besides their latest single ‘Pollyanna’. Other songs like, “Boulevard Of Broken Dreams”, “Basket Case”, “Longview”, and “Good Riddance” made appearances to the delight of all the fans in attendance. Several times throughout the show there are blasts of fire that those in the stands can feel, sparks falling on the stage, confetti, and a large firework show at the end of the night.

As a first concert back for many concert goers I do not know that I could have asked for a much better show to go to. My voice was completely gone by the end of the night. It felt great to be back and being in a place that makes me feel right at home, the people, the sounds, the smells, and the energy. There are a few dates left on the tour so if you have the chance and the cash, grab a couple tickets, it is definitely all worth it.


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