Album Review: Sleeps Society by While She Sleeps

The fifth studio album, Sleeps Society by British metalcore outfit, While She Sleeps was released April 16th, 2021 under the band’s self-made label, Sleeps Brothers. It was written by the band and was co-produced by Sean Long and Carl Brown. While She Sleeps has a loyal fanbase that supports them in all their endeavors, naturally this album came with a lot of great expectations and support. WSS shares a relationship with their fanbase like no other band has today, they need each other and they use this album to make it known their need for each other and their mutual love. This record is a love letter, a note of gratitude, and a message of thankfulness. As sweet as that sounds, the record itself is still a metalcore record, it lacks nothing heavy and is very WSS.

Album Cover by: Eurobroid, Ruby Sanderson, Mat Welsh, and Adam “Sav” Savage.

We see throughout the album a variety of different song styles, compositions, and lyrical content. WSS called in for reinforcements to feature on some tracks such as, No Defeat For The Brave which features, Deryck Whibley of Sum 41, the song Nervous features, Simon Neil of Biffy Clyro, and the most meaningful feature appears on the song, Call Of The Void which calls for vocal appearances by members of the Sleeps Society (While She Sleeps fanbase). Some other notable tracks are, Enlightment (?), Sleeps Society, and DN3 3HT. DN3 3HT is the very last track on the album and is just a hair over seven minutes, the send off to the album is recordings of vocal messages by each member of the band thanking the fans for supporting them over the years, expressing their gratitude for the lives they have been given, and encouraging those to not give up on their dreams.

Overall, the record came with generally positive responses from fans and casual listeners. It is built around nasty riffs, and has been flavored with ever-present, catchy hooks. More attention has been made for electronic and synth sounds to play major roles in the songs throughout the album. This album is a good addition to the already impressive catalog that they have built up over the years, it does not quite reach the level that their previous album, So What? is at, but nevertheless this is a good record and deserves a listen for fans of the newer era of metalcore.

Rating: 7.5/10


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