A Day To Remember Announces Release Date for New Album, “You’re Welcome”

After months and months of waiting, A Day To Remember have announced their newest album entitled “You’re Welcome”. Fans of the easy-core pioneers have been waiting for the album to be announced since late 2019, and after all this time, we’ve got to wait just a few more months. The upcoming full length will be their eighth album release in their seventeen years as a band is set to release March 5th, 2021. As well as announcing the upcoming record, they also released the opening track of the album titled, “Brick Wall”. The album opener has a bit of a different sound that we aren’t used to in the verses but brings a familiar sound in the choruses and the breakdown. From the singles that have been released so far, we can expect to see somewhat of a diverse album with pop punk, easy-core, and metalcore influences that the Ocala boys are known for.

Album Artwork

Their last album “Bad Vibrations” came with a lack luster response from fans. “You’re Welcome” should hopefully be a bit of a bounce back from their last album. By the sounds of the title I think ADTR is trying to say, “we hear you guys and we’re going to give you what you want this time”. I think this would be a good move for this new era of the band. Now, this isn’t saying they need to take this route every album they put out from now on. Artists need to do what makes them happy, if A Day To Remember wanted to release a country album because it would make them happy then, they should do it. But tossing both new and old fans the occasional bone is always a strong move in the industry and especially in this scene.

There is a reason that A Day To Remember has been around for quite awhile now, they are innovative, unique, and pump out instant classics like no other. We can hope to get some of those classics with the next record. Now, one of the biggest hard rock bands in the world, bagging some high card festival slots, being probably the only band in history that easily can tour opening for Blink-182 and Slipknot, and gaining fans of all ages. We should expect this new album and era of A Day To Remember to be something to remember. Developing and evolving their sound while staying true to their roots is the formula that these guys have perfected, let’s just hope they continue on with that formula.


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