Sunday Spotlight: Northlane

This week we are putting Australian metalcore heavyweights Northlane in the spotlight. Formed in Sydney in 2009, the band consists of guitarists Jon Deiley and Josh Smith, drummer Nic Pettersen, bassist Brendon Padjasek and vocalist Marcus Bridge. As of August 2nd, 2019 Northlane has released five full length albums which have all been released under UNFD and Rise Records as well as two extended play releases. The five piece was sort of trapped within the typical early 2010’s metalcore bubble up until the release of their 2019 full length album titled “Alien”. With this record they introduced elements and influence of nu-metal into their songs. This style is becoming more popular within metalcore and for good reason, this combination is killer and as a metalcore fan exactly what I want to hear from my favorite bands. This is not to say their previous work wasn’t good or interesting, there was influences of progressive metal and alternative metal while still having that often used metalcore sound. All of their releases have something unique to them and that has attracted quite a lot of people over the more than eleven years of their time as a band.

From left to right: Jon Deiley, Josh Smith, Marcus Bridge, Brendon Padjasek, Nic Pettersen

              With eleven years under their belt they obviously have done a lot of touring in their time. They have played alongside some really big bands opening for the likes of Bring Me The Horizon, August Burns Red, Parkway Drive, and Architects. The Aussies have also appeared at some huge festivals across the world such as, Slam Dunk, Good Things, Unify The Gathering, Hell Fest, and Download. So, these guys are not newcomers to the metal world, and their tightness as a band shows. I have watched a lot of live performances on the internet from many different stages of the Northlane and they have certainly grown over the years that is for sure. Through member changes, sound changes, and growth in popularity as a band, Northlane has found themselves a pocket of amazing creativity and musicianship. They need to take what they have right now and run with it without stopping no matter what comes up in their way.

              I believe the future holds great things for this group. As metalcore is developing its sound, Northlane is one of the bands that I believe should be at the forefront to represent metalcore to those that might not listen to it. This one of the bands that I believe has lightning in a bottle and will release it at the perfect time. If “Alien” is any sort of indication to the direction their sound is headed, every other metalcore band ought to grab tight onto their coattails. They’ve got a sick mind for riffs, awesome melodies and hooks in their songs, Marcus Bridge is one of the most consistent vocalists I have heard in metalcore since Sam Carter of Architects, and they have some of the most underrated breakdowns in metalcore today. Every album is one I could listen to back to front and it does not feel like a chore. I have not gotten the chance to see Northlane live in person but they are one of the bands I want to see as soon as I can once concerts start happening again.

Song to check out: Dispossesion


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